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Band Aid

Band Aid
NR, 1 hr 34 min (2017)
Zoe Lister-Jones, Adam Pally, Fred Armisen
Fresh 86% critics liked it  

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Band Aid, the refreshingly raw, real, and hilarious feature debut from Zoe Lister-Jones, is the story of a couple, Anna (Zoe Lister-Jones) and Ben (Adam Pally), who can't stop fighting. Advised by their therapist to try and work through their grief unconventionally, they are reminded of their shared love of music. In a last-ditch effort to save their marriage, they decide to turn all their fights into song, and with the help of their neighbor Dave (Fred Armisen), they start a band. A story of love, loss, and rock and roll, Band Aid is a witty and perceptive view of modern love, with some seriously catchy pop hooks to boot.

Critics Consensus (Rotten Tomatoes):
"Band Aid tells a solidly affecting story of a relationship on the rocks -- and marks star Zoe Lister-Jones, who also wrote and directed, as a tremendous triple threat worth watching."

Fresh 86% critics liked it
Upright 67% audience liked it


Zoe Lister-Jones
Adam Pally
Fred Armisen
Susie Essman
Hannah Simone
Ravi Patel
Brooklyn Decker
Angelique Cabral
Majandra Delfino
Colin Hanks
Daryl Wein
Chris D'Elia
Jamie Chung
Erinn Hayes
Gillian Zinser
Jesse Williams


Zoe Lister-Jones


Natalia Anderson
Zoe Lister-Jones
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