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Hubble 3D

Hubble 3D
G, 0 hr. 44 min. (2010)
Leonardo DiCaprio, Scott D. Altman, Gregory C. Johnson
Fresh 89% critics liked it  Similar movies

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The filmmakers who brought you aboard the Space Station 3D invite you to follow the Hubble Space Telescope on its mission to explore the farthest reaches of the cosmos. Follow astronauts up into space as they strive to get the powerful telescope prepared for a fantastic journey of discovery. Witness the birth of a star, and experience the awesome power of a supernova in stunning IMAX 3-D. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Critics Consensus (Rotten Tomatoes):
"Offering a stunning, expansive viewing experience, Hubble 3D takes advantage of IMAX and 3-D technology like no other film."

Fresh 89% critics liked it
Upright 88% audience liked it


Leonardo DiCaprio
Scott D. Altman
Gregory C. Johnson
Dr. Michael J. Massimino
Dr. K. Megan McArthur
Dr. Andrew J. Feustel
Michael T. Good


Toni Myers


Toni Myers
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