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Kill Bill: Volume 2

Kill Bill: Volume 2
R, 2 hr. 17 min. (2004)
Uma Thurman, David Carradine, Michael Madsen
Upright 87% audience liked it  Similar movies

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Critics Consensus (Rotten Tomatoes):
"Talkier and less action-packed than Vol. 1, Kill Bill Vol. 2, nevertheless, delivers the goods for those expecting a satisfying conclusion to this two-parter."

Certified Fresh 85% critics liked it
Upright 87% audience liked it


Uma Thurman
David Carradine
Michael Madsen
Daryl Hannah
Gordon Liu
Michael Parks
Perla Haney-Jardine
Larry Bishop
Sid Haig
Samuel L. Jackson
Bo Svenson


Quentin Tarantino


Lawrence Bender
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