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Son of God

Son of God
PG-13, 2 hr. 18 min. (2014)
Diogo Morgado, Greg Hicks, Adrian Schiller
Upright 81% audience liked it  Similar movies

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This major motion picture event -- an experience created to be shared among families and communities across the U.S. -- brings the story of Jesus' life to audiences through compelling cinematic storytelling that is both powerful and inspirational. Told with the scope and scale of an action epic, the film features powerful performances, exotic locales, dazzling visual effects and a rich orchestral score from Oscar (R)-winner Hans Zimmer. Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado portrays the role of Jesus as the film spans from his humble birth through his teachings, crucifixion and ultimate resurrection (c) Fox

Critics Consensus (Rotten Tomatoes):
"The faithful may find their spirits raised, but on purely cinematic terms, Son of God is too dull and heavy-handed to spark much fervor."

Rotten 25% critics liked it
Upright 81% audience liked it


Diogo Morgado
Greg Hicks
Adrian Schiller
Darwin Shaw
Sebastian Knapp
Joe Wredden
Simon Kunz
Paul Marc Davis
Matthew Gravelle
Amber Rose Revah
Roma Rowney


Christopher Spencer


Mark Burnett
Roma Downey
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